Where is Mount Batur

Mount Batur, also known as Gunung Batur, is located in Bali, Indonesia. It is a 2 hour drive from Canggu/Seminyak and about an hour drive from Ubud. .The district where the volcano is located is the Kintamani district.

It is located at 5600 feet above sea level, which is 1717 meters high. Mount Batur is an active volcano, as is Mount Agung. Although the last eruption of Agung happened in 2019 and the last eruption of Batur in 2000

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Mount Batur is believed to be over 50,000 years old and was over 4,000 meters high before it first erupted 29,300 years ago. This eruption caused the collapse of the magma chamber, creating two concentric calderas. Today, Mount Batur is marked by a collapsed peak known as the caldera. Mount Batur is still an active volcano but is heavily monitored and safe to climb.

Mount Batur last erupted in 2000 and you can see the huge lava fields that the eruption created. You can also explore the lava fields on foot, by jeep or on a motorbike tour. Important Facts About Mt Batur TrekBefore you start Mt Batur Trek, here are some important facts. It is important to know that there are two different routes to climb Mount Batur.

The ‘longer’ but less steep version, taking around 1.5 hours one way and 11 kilometers round trip. And the shorter but much steeper route, which only takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour to reach the summit and is a 7-kilometer round trip. We did both trails, the longer version in April 2019 with the amazing tour guides at Four ElementsAdventure and the shorter version in October 2021. Hike distance and duration: The total distance of the Mt Batur hike is 7 kilometers.
round trip on the short route and 11 round trip kilometers on the longer route.

The shortest route takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour if you have a fast pace. The longer route takes about twice as long, as you first walk through the forest for a while, while on the shorter route you start at an altitude of around 1250 meters at Pura Pasar Agung. Difficulty and gradient: Mount Batur Trek is done by many people, young and old. However, you have to overcome the incline and many uneven steps. The longest route is about 700 meters. from inline to 11,
kilometers on foot.

The shorter version has 500 meters of elevation gain over 7 kilometers of walking. I wouldn’t say the trek up Mount Batur is difficult, it’s moderate but can be tiring in places. It all depends on your level of fitness and whether I’m used to hiking.